Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Doldrums

The sunshine and bluebird skies were somewhat deceiving today. The wind was brisk and the temps were chilly which made it a perfect day. However, the lack of snow hardly made it feel like February in Minnesota. The trail conditions are also not ideal. What snow their was is now hard and crusty or solid ice. Most people who love winter are wondering what the hell is going on. I've lived in Minnesota my entire life and can't ever remember experience such a non winter winter.

I got off the trails for a bit and did some exploring along the creek. Probably not one of my best decisions, but it added a bit of adventure to the day and helped pass the time. Three hours of riding didn't reward me with a lot of miles, but it is always nice to get out on the bike no matter what the final result is. I'm not a mile counter anyway:)

Looking forward to getting up north soon and experiencing winter as it should be. Right now southern Minnesota is experiencing some pretty serious winter doldrums. I'm battling it by expanding my workouts to include more running.

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