Sunday, March 4, 2012

Absolutely Perfect!

My day started out with a very long walk with our dog Bella. I then headed up to the park for some riding. The singletrack trails close tomorrow and will stay closed until the snow is gone, the ground is thawed, and the soil drys out. I actually found the singletrack not to my liking. It was really rutted and icy in spots so I abandoned before getting to the MORC section and headed west to ride the multi-use trail. Given my past record and experience with tree encounters I decided that this was a good move on my part.

It was absolutely perfect for riding and I ended up doing four laps on the 4.3 mile loop. I'm hoping to get up there again tomorrow night for some night riding. One week until we head to the North Shore and I'm so looking forward to it:)

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Ben Welnak said...

I dig that first picture