Thursday, May 31, 2012

Can't Get Enough

I can never tire of riding the forest roads of Northern Minnesota. This summer should provide plenty of opportunity for me to ride since I'm planning on spending more time up there than normal.

Given the fact that I am not fond of pavement and dealing with cell phone talking distracted drivers, Northern Minnesota provides me with peace, tranquility, a limited number of vehicles, an endless variety of rides through some very scenic and beautiful countryside.

What more can a person ask for????

The possibilities are endless

After nearly 5 inches of rain during the week and downpours all night Saturday, there was plenty of water flowing in thet local streams and rivers. The forest roads were also saturated with moisture.

I'm really loving the Salsa El Mariachi for these forest road rides. It's actually nice to have gears and the ride of this bike is buttery smooth. I could see myself riding a Ti version at some point in the future. This really is a nice bike:)

Until next time...And next time won't be very long from now.


Joboo said...

I know you're a loner, and I'm down with that.
Maybe some time this summer you and I could hook up for a pedal??!!
Think about it.


Vito said...

I would love to ride together sometime, but only if we can pack and take along some cold Summit;)