Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Spice of Life

Last week was a phenomenal week riding for me. Monday and Tuesday were spent riding the single track at Elm Creek Park Reserve. The trails have been fantastic and also have some new additions.
Wednesday found me riding gravel in the southwest metro area. The weather was perfect and the riding was absolutely fantastic. I ended up with fifty-one miles of gravel on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Patti and I drove to Rochester for a visit with her family. Of course I took my bike and finally got out on some southern Minnesota gravel and was able to enjoy the countryside free of traffic. Well, aside from farm vehicles that is.

Beautiful countryside with miles upon miles of gravel to ride.

I can see the attraction that the Almanzo 100 has for cyclists. It's hard to imagine the difficulty of getting one hundred miles in on these roads. Hats off to those that have taken on this challenge and completed it. My legs were tired after riding thirty-one miles the single speed.

Now, I need to get out on the road bike for a couple of rides. I'm looking forward to getting up north again soon.

On another note I have some changes coming concerning the Pugsley and I'm giving serious consideration to getting one of these...

After all...Variety is the spice of life:)

Enjoy the Ride!!


Doug said...

Gears? Are ya putting gears on the Pugsley?

Vito said...

Yes Doug! I am putting gears on the Pugsley:) My 54 year old knees and legs are telling me that gears are a good thing, especially on the Pugsley.
I'm just trying to decide on whether or not I want a 1x9 or 2x9 set-up. I don't want a triple. I already have surly crankset so the new MWOD chainring will bolt right on. I may try a 1x9 set up with first. Going with the thumbie shifters:)