Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pugsley Gets A Face Lift

I've been salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs over all of the new fat bikes coming into the market along with fat bike related products. However, I still love my Pugsley:) I've ridden the Fat Boy for the past three winters as a single speed. Those days are over! My 54 year old legs and knees were begging for some gear selection and I finally gave in. I went simple and economical and I really think that I'm going to love this new setup.

I went with a simple 1 x 8 drivetrain that includes a Shimano cassette and Deore derailleur.

32 tooth chainring with a MRP chain guide up front makes for a really nice set up. Since I've been riding single speed for so long I didn't see the need for anymore hardware. I think the 1 x 8 will give me plenty of flexibility in a variety of conditions.

The finishing touch was the red cable housing:)

I'm looking forward to autumn and the coming winter. Hopefully Mother Nature will provide us with plenty of snow.

I have to give a special thanks to Gus one of our LBS's wrenches for taking an interest in this little project. I was even able to swap some parts in exchange for some of the new parts and labor. It pays to get to know your local wrench and treat them kindly. Cold beer also helps:)

Pre-chain guide photo...The Fat Boy is ready to roll.

Rather than race the Chequamegon 40 this weekend I'll be heading north this to visit with folks...Hopefully there will be some time for a ride:)


Snakebite said...

The only word to describe it is "Snazzy!"

max said...

how does the 8 speed work?

8speed cassette? just 8 of 10 sprockets? that looks like a new derailleur so i am guessing it is a 10 speed?

i like the idea a lot!


Doug said...

Looks great Bill! Hey, refresh my memory, didn't you used to have Fat Sheba rims? Why the switch?

I've been seriously considering a set of new wheels with Rolling Daryls for my old Pug. It's so great to have options. Back when I bought my Pug there was only one choice for rims and tires.

Vito said...

Doug, Yes indeed I did have the Graceful Fat Shebas. I wanted the Rolling Daryls to save some weight and of course...vanity:) Hey, the cut outs with the red rim tape do look cool. I gave the rims to Gus, our local wrench at MGC in exchange for some parts, a bit of labor, and now some red wine.

Guys are also going to running lighter tubes in these big tires, but I haven't checked that out yet.

Have you considered Large Marge Lites??? I'm thinking of a pair of those for summer riding on gravel and single track. There are a lot of people down here that are riding their fat bikes year round and those seem like a logical choice.

The other nice thing about the Daryl and Marge Light is that they are drilled to run off set or non off set...more options is nice.

Good Ridin'

Vito said...

Max...It's an 8 speed cassette with a thumby shifter. I've seen guys running 1x7 setups with spacers between the cassette cogs. It's a great way to go:)

Vito said...


coastkid said...

Surly really did get it right first time with the Pugsley. It is a great bike!
My pugsley is still my favourite bike even though i also own a Moonlander, but it is more mission specific while i ride my pugsley everywhere.
Probably get a new wheelset next year as my original wheels at 5 years old are getting a bit wobbly, i fancy a pair of Marge lights on Hope hubs,

Yeti said...

That's a very nice looking Pugsley!

Anonymous said...

The Pugs looks great!