Sunday, October 7, 2012



It is, once again, that time of year...The daylight hours are getting shorter which means if you want to ride you will be riding in the dark. The nocturnal time of year is upon us and the lights are charged and ready to emit those lumens to light the trail ahead of us.


This past Wednesday the daytime temps hovered around 80 degrees and the evening temps took their time dropping after sunset. This provided us with the perfect opportunity to get out and hit the dusty local single track. 

We really are in desperate need of some precipitation.

Two years ago we would have been some of the few people who ventured into this forest at night. On many nights I would be the only one out riding the horse trails. With the new single track trail gaining notoriety the trailhead parking lot was full after sunset. This really is an amazing time of year and riding the single track at night is an amazing experience. No matter how well you know the trail, at night it is different. It's almost as if you have to relearn it because now you are seeing it in a different light, so to speak.

It's fun to see riders coursing through the woods. Their lights gracefully moving in and out from between trees and the shadows they cast doing an eerie dance across the forest floor. I think we are all looking forward to more of this in the coming weeks before winter settles in, the snow falls, and the fat bikes come out to play. Although some of us with fat bikes will not wait for the snow to fall.

As I right this the temperature outside is 23(F). It's time for the Sunday morning ride and time to break out the merino wool:)

Happy Trails!!

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