Sunday, November 25, 2012

Enjoying the Ride Into Winter

I spent the weekend playing on the Pugsley and enjoying what little snow and cool weather we currently have.


I love all of the new fat bikes and fat bike related gear now on the market, but I still love my Pugsley.
Would I love to have a new Mukluk, Beargrease, or Nine Zero Seven??? Hell yes!!! However, the Pugsley will be my go to fatbike for sometime to come:)

 They are making snow for the tubing, snowboarding hill, and the Chalet xc ski loop. With the snow guns going it doesn't take long for the snow to pile up.

Today was a rather interesting day. My crank came loose on me and needed to be continuously tightened every mile or so. As if that wasn't enough, at one point in time I felt like I was coming under fire from people out target shooting. I had no idea where they were or what direction they were firing in. I'm sure that they also had no idea someone would be riding a bike through the woods nearby. The whole experience was a bit unnerving.

I still enjoy riding the single track, but this is also where most riders congregate. I like to, at this time of year, get out and enjoy the rest of the park and exploring. For me, the single track gets somewhat monotonous after awhile. I've always been somewhat of a rogue rider anyway and prefer, at times, just being off on my own.

 Having the proper tools in my frame bag saved me from a long walk out of the woods.

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