Sunday, March 17, 2013

North Country Teaser

I was able to make it up north to spend some time with my parents and friends this past weekend. On Saturday I was able to sneak off for part of the day and get a good ride in. Temperatures were rather comfortable, but as the day progressed the wind really kicked up and by Sunday morning we had temps of -20 (F) -29 (C)

Winter in the Northland is in no hurry to go anywhere and I believe they will have snow on the ground until mid-April or later.

A couple of inches of fresh snow made riding conditions perfect and added a nice blanket of white.

I have vacation coming up in a week and we will be heading up to Tofte along the North Shore of Lake Superior. I'm anxiously anticipating getting in some good riding, snowshoeing, river gorge exploring, photography, and possibly even a little skiing.

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