Sunday, March 24, 2013

Through the Lens: Onion River Snowshoe

This was definitely one of the finest days on snowshoes I've ever had up here on the North Shore. The Onion River is located between Tofte and Lutsen on the North Shore of Lake Superior. In the final mile the river takes a pretty good drop as it tumbles its way towards Lake Superior.

Fortunately, a good coating of snow covered most of the exposed ice making the climb a bit less treacherous. A few years back, my wife Patti nearly took a slide into this pool at the base of one of the falls a bit higher in the climb.

 The view of Lake Superior looking down the gorge and the falls that I had just climbed

There was something different to see around every corner of the trail. This is such a unique way to experience the rivers along the North Shore. Generally, during the rest of the year when hiking the trails in the area you get glimpses of the rivers and their gorges. Snowshoeing allows you to get right on the rivers and see how they've carved out the rock over the millenniums.

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