Sunday, May 12, 2013

In Search of Spring

We had originally intended to go fishing this past weekend. However, Mother Nature had other plans for us. Many of the lakes in Northern Minnesota were still partially or completely covered with ice. Add to this 30 to 40 mph winds and it makes for an unpleasant fishing opener. I also, for the first time in a while, went up north without a bike. My intent was simple...just spend time with my folks, visit with friends, and possibly get out in the woods for a few hours on Saturday afternoon.

I was able to get out and scout some new roads and I have put together what I think will be a pretty sweet ride of 80+ miles. Looking forward to getting out there and getting it done. Of course, not all roads are ready just yet.



Helen said...

Just love your photography. The quality, where you ride and the compositions. Your blog is such that I can easily scroll through your pics for a 'fix' of the great outdoors at any time.

Vito said...

Thank you Helen :) I love cycling, photography, and just being outdoors in Northern Minnesota. Happy to hear you enjoy the images. Now I just need to work on the writing part.