Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cuyuna on a Broken Heart

Fourth of July weekend provided us with the opportunity to head north to Cuyuna Country. My wife's brother Tom and his wife Mary Jo were our gracious hosts for the weekend. I was able to get away on Friday morning for some riding on the Mahnomen Unit trails. The trails were in awesome condition, but unfortunately my heart wasn't. I've been dealing with uncontrollable atrial fibrilation for going on two months now.

The condition, along with the nasty side effects of the medication used to treat it, has been debilitating to say the least. When my heart is out of rhythm it is like trying to ride a bike with a plastic bag over your head. Instantly out of breath and the legs go dead after the first climbs. This was the case on this particular day and I knew this ride would be short lived.

"Huntington Mine Lake from Easy Street"
"Cuyuna Red"

I lasted for just over an hour before my body and mind told me that I had to call it quits. The ride left me exhausted and I spent the rest of the day relaxing in the waters of Rabbit Lake. Upon returning to the Twin Cities I immediately notified my doctor and he discontinued the beta-blockers that I was taking and set up a consultation with a cardiologist to discuss other treatment options. In the meantime I'm trying to ride as much as possible because I guess any riding is better than no riding at all :)

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Tim Smith said...

My Afib is random and occasional. My cardio is a big fan of Ablations with healthy candidates. I haven't had one bc my Afib is uncommon, but my doc has a blog - John Mandrola- if you would like to take a further look. Good luck!