Monday, November 11, 2013


As Northern Minnesota is covered in a nice white blanket of snow ours has melted. This time of year can be difficult. The snow and thaw cycle keeps the single track trails closed. Oh, there are plenty of options out there, road, gravel, horse trails, River Bottoms, Luce Line, urban pub crawls, the options are numerous and diverse. Of course there is that other option..."autumn yard work" which I don't find appealing, but it's what consumed me all day Sunday.

Even with all those options one thing is very clear... cyclists want to get out and ride their fat bikes in the snow. Temps are now cold enough to freeze the single track, but the minute it warms up they will be closed again. I did get out over the weekend and saw promising signs of the approaching winter.

 "Tall Grass and Overcast"

Elm Creek Park is readying their snow guns and awaiting the cooler temps. Soon they will be going 24 hours a day.

"Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun"

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