Sunday, January 5, 2014

Seeking Winter Pleasure

I've spent some time over the past few days seeking some different places to ride other than the single track trails at Elm Creek Park Reserve. I'm finding that there are many places to go other than the mountain bike trails, but one ride has still eluded me...The River Bottoms. This seems to be the place where fat bikers from the southern part of the Twin Cities love to go. So, it's definitely on my must do list for this winter.

I still want to get up to Northern MN a few times for some riding and have the beach of Minnesota Point in Duluth on my radar. In the meantime I'm making the best of it right here close to home.

Elm Creek Park Reserve has a variety of trail systems. Most of the paved trails are closed in the winter and are utilized as ski trails for both skate and traditional xc skiing. On section a 4.3 mile loop is designated as a multi-purpose trail. Open to fat biking, snow shoeing, and skijoring.

It's been fun getting out and seeing other people enjoying winter the "silent way". I'm not a fan of motorized recreational vehicles, but they certainly do pack a nice trail for riding. I guess you have to be somewhat open minded when it comes to winter fat bike riding since we do, at times, depend on others to pack the trails for us.

With the recent "polar vortex", I find this term very annoying, the trails have been rather quiet and only the heartiest of souls have ventured out. Today it was -12(F) and I only saw two xc skiers and no bikers out on the trails. I do know that there was a handful of riders over at the single track.

 "Outdoor Spin Class for One"

The lakes are getting better to ride as more and more fishermen and snowmobilers venture out onto the frozen waterways. It fun to get out into the open and explore areas that people normally don't go to on bikes.

Spending some time exploring some of the less visited places in the Twin Cities has been fun.

"Eagle Lake in Maple Grove"


Joboo said...

Bill, you would enjoy the ride on Mn. Point very very much!!!

Tim Smith said...

Cattail pic very nice

Vito said...

Joe, I rode the point last winter and absolutely loved it. The great thing is that now, Canal Park Brewing is a stones throw away. What a great way to finish up a ride ;)

Joboo said...

Amen Bill a big AMEN!!

Sujil Maharjan said...

Wow, the photos are really nice