Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Edging Into Summer and Coming Out of the Dark

Our winter was very long and cold and the prospect of springtime seemed far off in the distance. Well, spring arrived and with it a good deal of torrential rain. No severe weather to speak of, just a large amount of ground soaking precipitation that has left the lakes high, the rivers and streams swollen, and the local single track virtually underwater in many spots.

"Light at the End of the Tunnel"
I'm finishing up the most stressful year of my twenty-seven years of teaching. It began with the loss of my Father in August and now ten months and two administrators later it is coming to an end. I love my students and will miss them a good deal, but I am so looking forward to that last day one week from today.

"Signs of Life"


"A rare opportunity this Spring"


"More Rain"

Where I have been much of the year has been a very dark and lonely place. Fighting depression and lack of motivation has left me somewhat out of shape and just worn out. For the first time in months I'm feeling like this dark journey is coming to an end and there is light. The prospect of exchanging the morning commute for morning rides is very appealing. I've had the best medicine possible right in front of me the whole time, but was unable to take full advantage of it. This will change and I'm looking forward to long rides, trail runs, trips north, and working and relaxing around the house.


Doug said...

Nice to see a new post up. I hope the summer renews you. Ride your bike!

Helen said...

Your photographs certainly emphasise the weather you have been experiencing. Sincerely hope the sun shines through the summer.