Saturday, June 21, 2014


Spending time near Lake Superior is always good for my soul. No matter what it is good relaxing medicine and the only side effect is that you want more. I spent a good deal of time just reading, relaxing, and going out to take photos. I'm hoping you'll enjoy some of the images I was able to capture.

Everyone was talking about the full moon that was to occur on Friday the 13th so I was hoping for clear enough weather to try and photograph the event. Nighttime photography is still something that I'm working on so I wasn't sure what kind of images I would be able to capture.

 "Strawberry Moon"

 "Blue Fin Dinner"

Day 2 - Onion River and Cascade River
 "Onion River"

 "Cascade River"


Day 3 - Temperance River
 "Upper Temperance River"

I captured the image below right as a large storm was moving into the area. It had been raining off and on all morning and I was shooting photos during the lulls. Shortly after this photo and several others the sky quickly darkened and it began to rain quite heavily. I was able to get my camera into a waterproof bag before it got too wet. I slung my large aluminum Bogen tripod over my shoulder and made hasty retreat back to the car. Upon entering the woods on a narrow wet trail. I could sense something was amiss, then, without warning a huge flash of light lit up the forest around me and it was immediately followed by a deafening clap of thunder. Too close for comfort!!

"Before the Lightning"
 "The Moods of Superior"

 "Angry Trout"


Day 4 - Temperance River
 "Temperance River"

 "Feeling Spiritual"

 "Cedar and Sunshine"

Day 5 - Final Morning
 "Dawn on Superior"

 "Morning Moon"

 "Iona Beach"

 "Beaver River"


Helen said...

As always impressive photography! Such a 'wet' beautiful area. Just love that moon! Sadly total cloud here that night.

Tim Smith said...

Really nice set. Kudos

Boz said...

Great work.Love it!