Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Superior's North Shore - R & R

Well, I really have to say that the last month or so have been very interesting. I had my heart procedure on September 24 and my sinus rhythm has been in and out pretty consistently. Now, I was told that this would be normal until the healing process is over. This takes approximately three months. The procedure leaves you with a lot of inflammation and scar tissue and it is quite common for one's rhythm to be in and out. That being said, a week ago on Wednesday it was rather bad and I ended up in the cardiac unit to have a cardioversion, where they shock your heart back into rhythm. My wife and I were planning on heading up the North Shore for a long weekend, but we ended up having to wait until Thursday morning. Just can't keep a good man down...Ha!!

We spent the weekend at Lutsen and pretty much just relaxed the whole time. The docs wanted me to get as much rest as possible so we just did some short hikes and I spent time driving around getting photos while Patti relaxed back at the resort and worked on her knitting projects.

Needless to say, but all I have been wanting to do is to get on one of my bikes and go for a nice ride. Hopefully that will happen this week. It was rather enjoyable to just shoot pics, read, and relax.
On the positive side, my heart rhythm has been rock solid since having some voltage run through my chest and I'm hoping and praying that this will continue as I'm very excited and optimistic to get back to normal.


"Cascade River in the Rain"



Mistletoe Creek-Caribou Trail

"Sunrise in Grand Marais"

Poplar River-Lutsen


The Beaver River

We love being up here near the big lake. I really don't think there are many places finer than this. Hope you enjoy the photos.

I spent this past weekend visiting friends and family up north and have some nighttime photos to post soon :)


Pondero said...

"...my heart rhythm has been rock solid since having some voltage run through my chest..." Hurray for the successful reboot!

Keep up the good recovery work, and keep those pretty pictures coming.

Sarah said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you. The North Shore is heaven for me!