Thursday, January 1, 2015

In Search of Winter

This winter has definitely been a strange one. It seemed to have come early with a big snowfall back in November, but then we had nothing for quite sometime. The temps warmed up and most of the snow in the Twin Cities had vanished. Even Northern Minnesota was experiencing the drought in snowfall amounts.

I left the metro area to go north for the weekend before the Christmas holiday. There was snow in the forecast so my excitement rose as I got closer to home. Friday night would bring us 3-5 inches of the beautiful white stuff.

Saturday morning found me heading north of town and also doing something that I have never done in all of my years of cycling the Northwoods...I had a riding partner. Cycling is experiencing a rebirth on the Iron Range and more people are getting out to enjoy the trails. Until the last couple of years there were not many folks living up north that had fat bikes. Now, there are a couple of folks in my hometown that have fat bikes and are getting out to experience winter riding.

 "Sturgeon River"

This was a historical event and I must say it was very nice to have company and conversation rather than talking to myself the entire time. The forest was absolutely quiet and riding in the freshly fallen snow was an absolute delight.

As our day progressed the temps continued to rise and we ended up having temps near 40(F) and we rode through a mist for the last hour or so. None the less it was a beautiful day to be out on the bike.
After not putting many miles on I was surprised by the fact that my legs felt relatively strong. A good sign that I'm recovering.

"Quiet Northwoods Forest Road"

I'm of course looking forward to the next trip north.

"Get your ride on!" 

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