Sunday, January 18, 2015

Off Trail...

With the warm above freezing temps I've been somewhat ambivalent to ride the single track trails. So, I've decided to mix it up some and hit the local lakes and marsh areas. It's been a fun two days of riding and exploring off trail.

 "Riding the Maze"
Medicine Lake is one of our larger and popular local lakes. On any given weekend the lake is full of folks enjoying ice fishing, kiting, walking, running, and of on the Pugsley.


The lake has plenty of interesting marsh and wetland areas that a person on xc skis, snowshoes, or fat bike can explore.

However, you have to be careful especially with the warm weather we've been having.


 "Sunday Sunrise"


With the lack of snow for insulation and plenty of cold weather the ice is very safe. Even with the warmer temps we've been having I haven't encountered any really "unsafe" conditions.

I really enjoy riding the single track, but I also enjoy getting off trail and exploring other options. Having a fat bike and good conditions makes the list of possibilities seem endless.

"The Peninsula"

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