Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Springtime in the Northland

An adventure ride is whatever you make of it. Sometimes you don't have to go much further than your backyard to have an adventure, all it takes is some imagination.

I've been asked a hundred times by other riders, "Where do you ride when you go up north?" My answer is always simple..."In the woods." They don't like that response. They want maps, mileage, road names and numbers. All of which I refuse to give. Selfish? Probably, but if you want to truly have an adventure...Get some maps, go north, pick an area, choose a road, and go explore. It's that simple :)

The beauty of it all is that in the past six or seven years that I've been doing these rides I have never once encountered another person on a bike. I've been completely on my own and that is truly how I like it.

Springtime riding in the Northland can be rather entertaining and intriguing. That being said, this particular ride did not disappoint. It provided everything from wet, muddy, nearly unrideable conditions. To ice, sand, and relatively dry roads.




 "No Bones About It"

 "The long and winding road that leads to your door
Will never disappear.
I've seen that road before,
It always leads me here..."
 ~Paul McCartney

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