Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Nothing Closer To Religion"

I was fortunate enough to attend Matt's spin class at the club in Chanhassen this morning. 90 minutes of fun and according to Matt himself..."There's nothing closer to religion on a Sunday morning." After posting this I will need to start attending church on a more regular basis. It definitely was a great workout. I felt strong once again, even after 2.5 hrs of spinning yesterday.
I did a 30 minute warm-up on the bike. The class itself was three stages: Stage 1 - 30 minutes of speed play. Stage 2 - 30 minutes of hills along with some high cadence work. Stage 3 - 30 minutes of speed play with a long climb towards the end. My legs and heart were very strong today. Some lines from today's workout...

"We started strong, we'll finish strong."
"Anyone can go downhill. It takes legs to go up."
"Don't worry Greg, you have a snicker bar waiting for you."
"Pick it up! 30 more seconds to the finish!" 30 seconds pass...."10 more seconds to the finish!"
"Another 10 more seconds to the finish!"
"I'm feeling really good! Can't stop! 10 more seconds to the finish. We can do anything for 10 more seconds."
It was at this point the thought throwing an empty water bottle at Matt came into my mind.
Of course I couldn't do it.

Total Ride Time: 2 hrs 1,194 Calories Burned

One day closer to single speed paradise.

Nigity - "Always keep a smile in your heart."

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