Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ass Kicking

I found great pleasure in getting my ass kicked by Jody this morning. We had an awesome two hour spin class today and I must say, I felt pretty damn strong. Still coughing, but other than that I'm back. My heart rate has fallen back into what I would call the normal range for me. I think this is a pretty good indicator that my virus is dead. "I hope." Matt even came to join us for the first hour. He had to leave after that to go home and clean up vomit. He really knows how to have a good time! I dropped off my old steed at MG Cycle for Travis to perform the single-speed conversion. If all works well I could be cruising the neighborhood Tuesday evening. I still need to pick up some type of headlight and taillight for cruising. I'll probably not get anything too expensive to begin with. Also, some new pedals may be in order. I'm thinking just standard platforms for the time being. At least that way I can wear something warmer on my feet. I hate cold feet.
The new road wheels finally arrived in the mail yesterday. Soon, I'll order the new SRAM Rival components.

Lately I've also been spending a good deal of time thinking about what races I want to participate in this year. Also, I wanted to do something big to celebrate the "Big 5-0". I'm going to look into the Arrowhead 135 Endurance Challenge next February. I also plan on checking out The North Face Challenge Series. The Minnesota Ironman will be a good way to kick off the celebrating since it takes place shortly after my birthday. You would think that at some point reason and foresight would intervene and these crazy ideas would be put to rest. Oh well,
maybe I'll wake up at some point down the road.

Tomorrow...another two hour spin. This time with Matt.

Total Ride Time: 2.5 hrs. 1,565 Calories Burned : ) That explains why dinner was so tasty.

Nigity - Always keep a smile in your heart.

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