Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another Sunday of Religion

My strength and energy have returned! Matt provided us with another "religious experience" in the form of a great endurance workout today. To top that all off, he even gave me a break today. However, there was the comment that I was leaving my wife for France and a climb up the famed Alpe d Huez. Of course this isn't true. I would never leave Patti, but climbing Alpe d Huez is sure to go on my life list.

Today's bill of fare consisted of a good deal of hills along with a lot of tempo riding. This was the hardest I've pushed myself since becoming ill on Jan. 16th. My heart rate was strong and steady and I was always able to recover quickly. My max hr never exceeded 160 bpm and I averaged 144 bpm. When I was sick it would easily have gone over 170 if I exerted myself like I did today. Even Matt commented on how hard I was riding and said I definitely looked like I was recouping nicely. I'm really anxious to get some running in again. It will be interesting to see how the heart reacts to the running.

I'm getting spring fever. I may have to call Travis at MG Cycle and have him order the new SRAM Rival components for the road bike. It won't be long now. Oh wait, I forgot about Groundhog Day. That damn rodent apparently saw his shadow... six more weeks of winter!
I'm happy I have the single-speed.

This afternoon was ideal for outdoor riding, but unfortunately I had other responsibilities to take care of.
1. Vacuum the house and clean the wood floors (dog hair)
2. Clean up the back yard (dog dookie)
3. Go for a walk (with the dog of course)
4. Take a nap : ) I'm not a nap taker, but it did feel good to hit the sofa for a bit.
5. Grade some papers.
6. Eat junk food, drink some beer, and watch the Super Bowl. Probably won't pay too much
attention, but it will be on in the background.

Total Ride Time: 1 hr. 45 minutes Total Calories Burned: 1021

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Kenny said...

Yup, riding a bike on a glare ice trail definitely makes you the SF amigo. I say that with affection and a shake of the noggin!