Saturday, February 2, 2008

Icy Ride

It has been an interesting two days. First of all, I sure have gotten a good deal of grief from people about my bike ride in -36 degree windchills. Also, at Matt's class yesterday morning, he rode me from beginning to end about my heart, Peace Coffee, etc. You name it, he had a line for.
I can't remember the last time I've taken that much abuse.

Yesterday and today were the hardest I've worked since getting sick. I almost feel like I'm ready to start getting some runs in again. Jodi's two classes this morning were very good. I was able to spike my heart rate during both classes and it came back down nicely. No signs of A-Fib or an irregular heart beat.

This afternoon I strapped the single-speed mtn. bike on the car and drove down to the Luce Line for a little ride. The conditions were treacherous and very dicey. Very hard, bumpy, slick ice the entire way. At one point I found my self skidding out of control on a bridge. I felt like a Nascar driver who's car gets loose on a turn going about 190 mph. Fortunately, I was only doing about 10 mph. I hit some bumpy ice, my front tire went totally sideways to the right and the back end swung out to the left. I slammed head-on into a heavy steel guard rail. Before striking I was able to get my right hand up to cushion the blow. For a second I thought I broke my wrist. Fortunately, the collision just gave it a good twist. No swelling, just sore. In another mishap I once again fell and landed on my right hip. Damn! That ice is hard. I think I may have to stick to the streets and some of the trails that have been cleared. We are expecting to get some snow tomorrow along with a continuation of moderating temps. I may try to run and get a bike ride in tomorrow morning.

Friday: Total Ride Time 1 hr. 55 minutes Total Calories Burned: 1006
Saturday: #1 Total Ride Time: 2 hrs. 26 minutes Total Calories Burned: 1458
#2 Total Ride Time: 1 hr. 15 minutes Total Calories Burned: 771

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