Monday, April 21, 2008

A Good Sunday and An Upgrade

We had a very nice ride yesterday. Eric and I logged 54 miles and I was totally out of gas and running on empty the last 5 miles. Breakfast definitely needs to be much more substantial.
Today I felt somewhat tired which really shouldn't that big of a deal after only 54 miles. I need to re-examine my diet and the amount of rest I get each night. Right now it's definitely not enough.

It felt great to get out with the guys. I made a few pulls, missed a turn and generally bonked at about 47 miles, but I had a blast.

Today I picked up my mtn. bike at MG Cycle. Wow! I was like a kid in freaking candy store. The new SID fork is phenomenally light. The bike rides like a brand new one. I am also very excited the ergo grips and the possibility of picking up an brand new set of wheels.

The new SID fork. Much lighter than the old Fox I had on the Stumpjumper. The next upgrade may be carbon related. I'm thinking of a seat post, handle bars, and stem. Next year will be the drive train.

The Specialized "S" is a very familiar site in my stable. It's basically all I ride. Maybe someday I'll get that Bianchi I always dreamed of. It would of course have to be "Celeste" none of those new color schemes they have now. I guess I'll just have to wait and be patient.

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