Sunday, April 20, 2008

Claddagh Celebration

I did manage to get a ride in yesterday. Very different. I stayed off the roads and did several loops around Elm Creek Park. Probably around 45 miles 45 is an approximate guess as my computer wasn't functioning due to operator error. It was fabulous. The varying terrain and sweeping turns were fun. Didn't worry about average speed or miles just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. I love being closed in by trees and I do truly believe I am not a roadie, but a mountain biker at heart.

I'm tired of celebrations, sort of. Last night we had a gathering of cycling friends at the Claddagh Irish Pub. Great fun, food, and friends. It was great being able to get everyone together. We missed Matt (Grasshopper) and all wished he could be there. He has one more week over in Asia before returning home. Thanks to Madonna and my wife Patti. I had a good deal of fun.

The Amigos supplied me with bike cleaning supplies and some other wonderful little gifts such as hair plugs and ginko pills for my memory. All I have to do is remember to take them. I also got a case of beer from around the world, a set of cycling DVDs, and a Park Tool grill set. I may be enjoying one of those beers while watching Paris-Roubaix after today's ride. I neglected to mention the "Fat Tire" jersey and beer I received from several colleagues at school. Very nice! The jersey will go on for my first ride on the mtn. bike trails. Hopefully they dry out soon.

My sister Gina and myself
Gina, Patti, Tia and TimPark Tool BBQ-3 Grill Set : )The Peleton
Dan, Myself, Eric, Madonna (notthefamousone), "Crazy" Bob, and Ken "The Cook"
not pictured - Matt "Grasshopper"

Thank you all for your friendship.

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