Saturday, April 5, 2008

Super Saturday Ride

We had a great ride today in fantastic weather conditions. Bob, Kenny, Eric ,and myself met up at about 9:30 and rode for nearly three hours. Eric and I were a bit late because I couldn't make up my mind what the hell to wear.
That's one of the difficult things about this time of year. You can leave early morning and temps will below 30 and it can be 20-30 degrees warmer after a few hours. We ended up getting in just over 50 miles which was fine for me. Bob pushed us all, as usual. I missed have Matt and Madonna along.
They had left earlier in the morning and we were unable to get hooked up with them. I'm glad we went out today, because the weather for the rest of the week is forecast to be crappy at best. I felt a bit tired this morning, and absolutely love the new SRAM Rival groupo. It performed quite well.


grasshopper said...

we missed you taday Madonna Erican Joe and myself plugged along lots of hill Joe wasnt happy, but I was.
glad the sram worked, did I tell you you can hear madonna chatting even a mile ahead!

Vito said...

We had fun! Why was Joe not happy? Was it because you had to chase down every rider you saw a mile up the road?
Madonna went down to Opus and did a couple of laps.
She's sick!