Thursday, May 29, 2008

2:50 A.M. and Feeling Like S___

Lately I've been having a tough go of it. My left knee really bothered me a lot after the weekend rides. The rides themselves were great, but I knew eventually that the knee may require a bit of down time.
Tuesday our fifth graders had their track and field day and for the first time in a long while we had no serious discipline issues. Usually some kid "f"s up and needs to be sent back to the elementary school (we hold field day at the high school) or worse yet, home. This year the experience was great. The entire day was laid back and stress free. It was however on the cold side and several of us spent much of the day expending enormous amounts of energy shaking and shivering just to stay warm. Now I'm normally the one who is very prepared for weather, but on this day I wasn't. I guess you could say I was the one who "f"d up. I arrived home Tuesday evening feeling exhausted. Ate dinner, graded a few papers, on the couch sleeping by 7:30 and in bed by 9:00. Madonna and one of her friends stopped by at around nine just to say hi. They had been out on the Tuesday TH ride. I would have preferred to have been more cordial, but wasn't up to it. Nonetheless it was nice of them to stop by.

This morning I awoke feeling worse. Stuffed up, sinus headache, body aches, just feeling generally crummy. As the day progressed I felt worse and this drove me crazy because I knew we had our Wed. evening group ride from the shop. Also, our kids are finishing projects and I feel I need the energy just to keep up with them and all of their wants and needs. It really sucks being a teacher when you're not feeling 100%. Well, needless to say I missed the ride, it's 2:20 a.m. and I feel like shit. I'm completing this post then working on sub plans for the day. I'll probably end up at the Docs office at some point in time. Hmmm... sure would be nice to sneak a ride in also, but is that the wise thing to do?

Andrea, a colleague of mine told me today that she has summer on her mind. She's had a very stressful year, both in school and out. She definitely deserves a break. Our entire grade level has worked really hard this year and I think as the end of the year approaches we are all just kind of unwinding and trying to let some things go. I will really miss Drea this summer. She has kind of been my support system at school. On the positive side, she has a new bike! So, we are planning on trying to get together for some rides. That would be really nice.


Kenny said...

Geez Bill, I prescribe 2 daily beers to ward off illness!

Vito said...

You're not going to bill for that are you?

Johnny said...

Go ahead have a beer its friday TGIF!