Sunday, May 4, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

What a fantastic day to ride with friends. Bob, Kenny, and myself hit the road this morning and had a great ride. We headed south and west, Hanover, Rockford, St. Michael. The day was breezy, but the ride and company were great. We even took a moment to stop at church. I was somewhat sluggish at times, still recovering from yesterdays workout with Jodi. A very intense two hours of spinning, all hills, and I spent most of the two hours up in zones 3-4. It was, I think, my hardest workout spinning so far. Afterwards Jodi and I went for run.
I ended up logging fifty-seven sunny miles today and afterwards spent some time relaxing in the sun out on the deck. Far better than the conditions yesterday. I made a trip into work to bring clothes in for the week and spent some time working on the single speed. I'll be commuting 3-4 days this week, I hope.

We had steaks on the grill and was able to use my Park Tool grilling utensils once again. A little vino "Stump Jump" with dinner and all is good. How appropriate for a "Specialized" rider with a Stumpjumper of course. (Thank you Blair and Stacie) Where do the weekends go? Way to short as far as I'm concerned. Soon....summer and plenty of time to ride.

Next week is Eric's Spring Cup. First race of the season, unlike Madonna (not the famous one) who's been hitting it heavy thus far, and doing quit well I may add. She already has several races in for the season.

My weekend is summed up much like "The Lunatic" "0" hours, "0" minutes, "0" seconds spent on yard work.

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Kenny said...

It was a glorious day for a ride. I finished at 52 miles, followed by a hearty breakfast and a nap!
Then, I mowed the lawn for the first time this year. It was a full day! Might see you on Wed. night.