Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where Do The Weekends Go?

Woke up this morning and decided it was a good day for a run. So, the first thing I did was go grocery shopping. I love going early on Sunday mornings because the store is very quiet. What the hell is with the prices? My bill was rather high considering the fact that I didn't purchase much. The only good purchase I made was Honey Nut Cheerios. They were two for one. After returning, I took Bella for a nice long walk. Then washed my girls car. Patti was in New York with some friends for the weekend. Bella and I missed her and were both happy to see her return.

After washing her CRV I went for a 45 minute run. The morning was sunny, cool, and breezy. Perfect for a nice run. Along the way I discovered a new trail in an adjacent neighborhood. The trail was wood chips and dirt and wound it's way through a strand of oak. It was beautiful!

After returning from running I returned some items to REI. It's right across the freeway from where we live here in Maple Grove. It really sucks having that place so close. Yesterday, I was there and purchased some bike parts for my old single speed. A Ritchie stem, Easton Munkey Bar, and black aluminum spacers for the steer tube. I also purchased a cheapo black aluminum seat post and a new WTB saddle. The saddle is great! Very comfortable and kind of snappy looking. So much for supporting the local bike shop. However, they have received a substantial amount of my disposable income over the past few months.

Patti's flight from NY arrived nearly twenty minutes early so I scrambled to the airport to fetch her and her friend JoAnn. They really had fun in NY, but appeared to be somewhat tired from a weekend of adventure in "The Big Apple". We stopped to get a bite to eat at GC Brewery before arriving at home.

I swept out the garage and hosed the floor down then spent the next 3 hours reading our school district's technology plan, so I'm ready for the 6:45 A.M. meeting, grading papers and updating my grade book on the computer. I'm now ready for bed.
This has to be the most boring post I've written. I guess now I know where the weekends go.
Thank God that question has finally been answered.


Kenny said...

I've herd more sleep makes a person a better spellar.

grasshopper said...

that post was dulls city! is that how you feel on the blockers, I need sleep