Monday, May 19, 2008

Sixteen More Days To Go Until...

I sensed it in my students this morning. Heard it in their whispers and saw it in their eyes. I could tell that as much as most of them enjoy being here in school, they are ready for summer. They just completed their last of a series of government mandated tests, MCAs. (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments) All part of NCLB (No Child Left Behind). No comment at this time.
Today they took the science test on their computers. If the state of Minnesota wants all testing done on line they have a long way to go and some serious hurdles to cross. I am however very proud of my kids, because despite all the technical glitches and waiting, they remained very patient and I could tell they all gave it their best.

Now I am finally counting the days. It's always nice to see the year come to an end, but I know I'll have a difficult time saying good bye to my kids on that last day. Always do, even after eighteen years. Obviously, some you miss more than others. Funny thing about it is, I'll be ready to come back by the beginning of August. Summer is just too long. Did I just say that?

Soon I'll have plenty of time to ride : ) Along with time to prepare and redo curriculum for next year's group of students. Then of course there is that forever growing list of things to do around the house. Ahhhhh! sweet summer.


Kenny said...

I bet you won't miss the kid kicking little bitch, or, the teacher punching brat!

the old bag said...

16?! 12, here. June 5th.

I'll tip one in your honor!

Vito said...

Our kids were originally scheduled to go until the 11th. That was changed to the 6th about a week ago. Teachers have until the 12th. Don't ask. Our district always is always on the edge. My luck I guess.