Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Wind is Our Friend

This is one of the Amigos mantras. However, today we found that the wind can also be very humbling.

We gathered on Wed. evening at MG Cycle, however, because of schedules Grasshopper and I couldn't make the 5:30 start time. We decided to have the group meet us at a church down on Hwy. 24. As I was there readying my bike, Bob pulled into the parking lot on his bike. He had already been out riding for two hours. He would end up the evening with 82 miles. Makes me sick! We had a good sized group with I believe 9+ riders. We headed south and skirted part of Lake Minnetonka. The ride was fantastic, with plenty of winding roads, rolling hills, a quick pace, and at times a tight line.
Due to time constraints we headed back north and west towards Baker Park. Then east back to the church. It was a quick 37 miles. I wish I could have met the group at the shop because I would have ended up with closer to 50 miles.

The next moring I was up at 4 a.m. to get in a forty minute run. My left knee is still having issues, but I ran anyway.

Today I was planning on sleeping in a bit and then heading to Murphy or ER for some single track riding. My phone rang and of course it was the Amigos (Kenny and Grasshopper) and of course my plans change to the open road and the wind.
By the time I got up and going they had already left "The Shop" and were heading south. I really had to hammer to make time and the meeting place. It was really good to see Kenny. He's been having some blood clot issues in one of his legs and this has kept him off the bike. The Doc apparently told him riding was OK as long as he took it easy. He is definitely off the mountain bike for a while. The ride was fun and Grasshopper and I ended up finishing on our own. The forty miles I logged and the 46 Matt logged seemed more like about 60 because of the wind.
It's great when it's at your back, which for some peculiar reason doesn't seem to happen all too often. Today the headwind was absolutely brutal. It sucked the energy right out of you and at times made my efforts to maintain a pace impossible. I literally slowed to a crawl several times. My knee felt somewhat better, but I just have to wait and see. It will definitely need some TLC. I'm hoping to now get some mountain bike riding in the rest of the weekend.


Kenny said...

I finished up with 50.1 miles. At the stop sign I had 26 miles. By my figures, I was going to be at 60 when I got back with a lot of tough miles into the wind. I guess I don't know the Southern route's mileage very well! The ride went well, better then I expected. I was definitely winded several times, but that's OK. It felt damn good to be on a bike again. I heard you ran into the tri-riders too. Man, they need to get riding!
I passed 3, and was passed by 2. A big group behind me never caught me. I was surprised they were in such bad shape and were riding some high end bikes.

Vito said...

You rock Kenny! There were quite a few dollars in tri bikes out there today, along with a good deal of poor technique. Like I'm a "F"ing expert.