Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fletcher-St. Michael

This morning I was awaken by a wet nose in my face, Bella. It was around 5:30 A.M. and she needed to get outside. We went for our usual walk and upon returning I had some oatmeal and a banana, then proceeded to get ready for a nice long road ride to test the knee once again.I rode north towards Elm Creek Park and took Territorial Rd. towards Fletcher. There is a nice TT route out in this area that the roadies love to ride. The photo above is the Fletcher church which is at the intersection of Territorial and Hwy 116. I took 116 South and then headed west through Hanover and into St. Michael.
From St.Michael my route took me back towards Fletcher by way of the Millside Tavern.
Once back to 116 I headed south again towards the Baker Park rollers. I hit the rollers and proceeded to Hwy 6 and returned home via Hunter Drive and Cty Road 47. Fifty-eight miles total for the morning. My knee felt good, but you can still tell that something is amiss. My lower back was somewhat sore and I have one hell of knot between my shoulders. I think I strained something turning to watch for traffic.

After the ride I went to the health club to do some serious flexibility work and spend some time in the spa. I hate public pools, but that hot bubbly water felt awfully good.

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