Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day Ride

Ended up getting only about 20+ miles in yesterday. Would have gone further, but I had realized about 10 miles into my ride that I had no seat bag. Which of course means no spare tube, no CO2, and no tools. This of course = Brilliant!
I began noticing that I was getting uncomfortable on the bike, kind of like my seat was not set at the proper height. Looking down I realized that the seat tube clamp was loose and my seatpost was sliding down the tube. tools. Fortunately, this all occurred where the trail passes through Watertown. Better yet, the trail came out behind the local hardware store. Better yet, it was open and they had a set of allen wrenches they let me borrow. Today was my lucky day. I decided it was prudent to turn back before something else happened and I would end up needing help because I left my seat bag back at the car. Note to self..."Always make sure the bag is on the bike before leaving home."

Turned out to be a great day. Patti and I planted more flowers and we went to see "Get Smart".
Laughing still hurts my chest. Maple Grove doesn't have fireworks until next weekend for their City Days celebration. The neighbors had one good show. However, Bella, our dog, was rather disturbed by all the noise.

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