Thursday, July 3, 2008

Great Day for an Easy Ride

I tried something a little different today and got a picture of myself while riding. I'm amazed that I didn't crash since that what I've been doing a lot of lately. I won't try this very often especially if it's on single track.Did an easy 23 miles today on the new steed. My ribs are feeling somewhat better. Deep breathing was a bit less painful and I made sure to stay off the rough stuff. The new 29er has a nice thick coating of limestone dust collecting on her. I plan on going again tomorrow morning.
Man I love this new bike. I feel bad for the Stumpjumper that is sitting down in the inner sanctum collecting dust.Patti and I timed things pretty good and met at Granite City Brewery near our house for a cold one on the patio. What a beautiful day! Looking forward to tomorrow and more riding.One more item of interest...Patti still hasn't noticed the new bike. Even after meeting me today at GC Brewery with the bike sitting in broad daylight on top of my car. Way cool! However, I'll be paying the piper soon I'm afraid. There is something to be said for having too many bikes...Your wife won't even notice when a new one is added to the stable. Well, maybe not right away.


Judi said...

That is bad when your wife doesn't notice the new bike.

Vito said...

Well, Judi, that can actually be a good thing.