Friday, July 18, 2008

Northern Exposure-Part II

I spent my mornings going for walks around the lake, having breakfast with my parents, and helping them around the house. My Father had some concrete work that needed to be done so we tackled that project in the mornings and then I took off and spent the afternoons riding the forest roads and trails further north.We call it..."Where the pavement ends and the north begins."It's the most relaxed I've been in quite some time. Not sure on miles...don't care, doesn't matter. I rode approximately 3 hrs. each day and the pace was pretty easy. This of course does not include time spent trying to figure out where the hell I was. Yes, I did get somewhat lost twice. Fortunately I was able to figure out my location and which way to go. Navigating these roads and trails can be tricky. So, maybe one of those GPS units would be a good idea.Riding the new 29er ss was one hell of a good workout. I think this bike is going to be great for training. I do need to tinker with the gear ratio however. I'm running a 32/18 right now and this is tough on trails with a lot of large hills. It's great however on the gentle rollers. I had a blast riding her.I can't believe that more of the locals don't take advantage of these roads and trails. Of course I was there during the week which probably made a difference. However, I saw very little evidence of any heavy use. Sweet! I was also surprised that I didn't run into any of those beloved ATVs out on some of the forest roads. Nothing but peace and quiet in the woods.
Most of the trails I rode were restricted and didn't allow them, but that usually doesn't stop some ass from going in and tearing them up. Another thing I liked about the area was that
there aren't many mtn. bikers. I know there are many people at the lakes that have mtn. bikes, but I don't know what they use them for. Much better for me I guess.


Judi said...

Those trails look really nice. Do you ever encounter loose dogs on the trails when you ride?

Vito said...

Not way up there, unless they're wolves. There are plenty of those in the area. Along with black bears, deer, etc.

Doug said...

The trails look great, makes me want to be out there.