Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday on the Road

Had a great early morning ride today. Logged 52.7 miles in beautiful, sunny, calm, and humid conditions. The ride was mostly rolling hills in the Bake Park/Lake Independence area. Definitely my favorite place to ride in the Twin Cities area. Apparently the other Amigos were out this morning also. Would have been nice to ride with them, but I also enjoy riding on my own. I've always been somewhat of a loner.
I thought this sign above was rather unusual. My only question is..."Where the hell do they bury the conservatives?"
This photo above is one of the reasons I love riding out in this area. It doesn't get much more peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful than this.
Vito's steed.


the old bag said...

That's one of my favorite areas also...I hate to see the development encroaching along highways 6 and 24...Willow....


Doug said...

As always, great photos! Nice to see you are back putting in some decent mileage. You must be healing up?

grasshopper said...

dude thought you were up north still or we would have called you. we were on the same route. we will ride together this week. I slept till 3 this morning Im so ready!