Sunday, July 6, 2008

On The Road Again

Temperature 86 degrees, dew point 69. Very warm and sticky day on the road. Only went about 43 miles today and felt pretty good. My chest is still quite sore, especially on the road bike. I think my chest is more constricted on the road bike because of the narrower profile of the handlebars. Most of the pain seems to be coming more from the left side of my sternum. The Doc said that with the compression of my rib cage in the fall I probably also sustained some tissue damage ie; cartilage, muscles, etc. My fractured ribs actually don't feel that bad. Anyway, the 43 miles was plenty. It was a gorgeous day for a ride and great day for a race. There was a time trial going on in the area I rode in. I stopped briefly at an intersection to watch some of cyclists ride by, but became bored after watching eight riders go by...yawn. It wasn't the TDF. Sorry I missed you Madonna (not da famous one) and I hope you did well.
Saw some interesting sites along the way. I'll have to try Porky's maple syrup sometime.

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Ali B. said...

Happy to hear the rib situation hasn't put a halt to riding!