Sunday, July 6, 2008

Made In America

I so looked forward to getting a wind chime set up out on our deck. I love the sound they make and find it to be very relaxing and beautiful.

I finally purchased one yesterday at Lowe's. To my dismay, when I got it home and took it out of the box I found two of the cords holding the copper tubes had already been broken. Of course the label read..."Made In China". What a cheap piece of %$#@! Reading labels is becoming far more important, but it's also becoming more difficult to find things that are truly "Made in America".
After posting this, I'm returning it, getting my money back, and continuing my search for a quality wind chime. Maybe I should just think about making my own or, maybe I should have spent the money when we were in San Diego last August. There was a shop there that had some very cool chimes all hand made by the owner. Expensive, but the quality and sound were definitely worth the money.


grasshopper said...

ok button.
to get the price everyone wants it needs to be made outside of the usa. would the quality be better?????
we can amke it in the us no probelm but look at the item before you take it home those delicate strings hanging the chimes, you are talking about my career buddy! Lowes is about price, go to a nursery or specialty store to get the selection or service.
Yes Im sitting in Shanghai right now on my way to make a 40 cent item we can sell at 2.50 so a retailer can sell at 5.00
Ive said my peace.

Vito said...

blah! blah! blah!

$20 Nike that sells for $125 here. Made with slave/child labor.

Give me a break! I said I should have bought the quality one in San Diego.

Screw the wind chime. I'll save my money for bike parts that are made over seas.

Hey, I love capitalism just as much as the next guy, but I want my item in one piece when I take it out of the box.

I've said my peace.

Made In USA Blogger said...

I totally agree with you about the Made in the USA thing, that's why I started my blog at
I have a list of urls to companies here in the US who manufacture their stuff here. I also have links to other sites who have lots more links.

And about the wind chime: I have made some myself from old silverware (second-hand), heavy duty twine and little tid-bits like sea shells, old keys, etc. Just string them all together and hang them from a dowl or better yet,use a piece of tree branch. You can also make wind chimes from old cd's. Check out

Kenny said...

There are a couple places in MG that should have wind chimes of quality. You could wait till the Uptown art fair too. There have to be some old hippies that make wind chimes. I've seen them made with old bicycle frames (obviously not carbon!) You have lots of options. I'm sure if you sacrifice one of your bikes for wind chimes you will appease the Pattigod.