Thursday, July 3, 2008

Riding Again?

Well, yesterday was my first ride since finding out about my rib fracture and it went quite well. If it wasn't for the new bike I probably would have held off for a couple more days. Now, I just wish I could sleep. It's 4:40 A.M. and I've been up since about 4. I love morning, but this is ridiculous.
As I type this there is a cardinal singing in the tree just outside our living room window. I love bird music in the morning.The new 29er is a blast to ride and I really enjoyed it. However, I find my self second guessing the wisdom of riding in my condition as I'm very sore at this moment. I felt fine on the smooth flat part of the trail. The Luce Line is a crushed limestone trail that runs west out of the metro area for 63 miles. It also has a rolling, single-track like horse trail adjacent to it. Getting off onto the horse trail was a temptation the entire ride and I did do so a couple of times. The rough conditions however were pretty painful on my chest however, so for most of the ride I stuck to the flat limestone sections. As you can see it really is a beautiful ride. I do think that the hardest part of the day was hoisting that big ride of mine onto the roof rack. It's not that light and the experience was rather painful. I ended up riding just under 30 miles. 29.28 miles to be exact. The Cat Eye wireless computer I purchased didn't have a setting for 29 inch wheels, so I had to roll the front wheel out and take measurements and enter those into the computer. It ended up being very accurate.I'm hoping to get some things done around the house today. It's really hard for me to be inside when the weather outside is so nice. It's a good thing that I don't have one of those work from home jobs because I don't think I would get much accomplished. Talk about lack of discipline.
Some colleagues of mine are in Colorado right now at an IB conference for school. I guess they had one day to get out and enjoy themselves. No way! could I be out there and sit in a conference for three days. I would have to be out on the trails. Oh well, their learning and I'm sitting here sore and tired.

Not sure if I'll ride this morning. I was thinking of heading down to the lakes and riding the bike trails and do some people watching. I used to do this on a regular basis when I lived in Minneapolis. I guess that's one thing that sucks about living in the burbs. Watching the youngsters play volleyball on the southwest side of Lake Calhoun is always a treat. Hmmm, maybe I'll have to consider going down there.


Fat Lad said...

Tkae it easy on the road back, last year I ended up with a nasty virus, went back into riding too soon and delayed getting back to fitness by more time than I would have by resting up

Fat Lad

Judi said...

Dude, you are nuts. 30 miles on a mntn bike with 2 broken ribs. Yea, not too smart Vito. You are going to injure yourself even more!

Vito said...

I'm riding easy flat trails and going ever so slooooow! I just need to keep my legs moving and my lungs working.

It hurt only a little :)