Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shocking News!

This is pretty bizarre. I rode over this bridge back in April & May and thought I may have noticed something strange. Crazy Bob and Tom C. had the same strange experience a while back. Well, it turns out that people were actually being shocked when crossing the bridge. A rather peculiar phenomenon if you ask me. I think it's similar to experiences I've had in the mountains out west. When the afternoon storms approach during the summer months there can be a lot of static electricity in the air. This can be a hair raising experience (literally). There are several high tension power lines that run along highway 81 at this particular point and according to the article these may have been playing a role. Apparently the bridge was not sufficiently grounded and somehow was picking up electric current. Strange business indeed. The "shocking bridge" will be reopening soon after further work to properly ground it. Photo courtesy of Kenny (AP Photographer) :)

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