Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Elm Creek

I hit the trails at Elm Creek on the ss for a couple of good hours of riding. Not sure if the ss was the bike of choice for the knee right now, but it seems to be doing fine. It's more sore from falling on it at Hillside in Elk River than anything else. Why is it that when you have a part that hurts, that seems to be the area you always fall on?

The ride yesterday was great. The trails were dry and fast (we really do need rain) and the ss is a perfect training tool. I really had to muscle it up some of the hills. I would like to try the same trails with some different gearing just to see what it's like. I'm currently running 32/18, but would like to try 32/20. Bob has been playing with the gearing on his bike also. He'll be riding in the ss division at Cheq. I on the other hand need to spend more time on the Stumpjumper since that is my bike of choice for Chequamegon.


Kenny said...

Great B&W photo. I rode 2 days in a row in the park, 20 and 19 miles. Today, I did a 30 on the Luna. Felt great. Get your knee in shape, don't push it too hard.

Doug said...

In response to the comment you left on my blog, I'm guessing you are talking about your Specialized Hard Rock. I went back in your archives to look at pictures of that bike. It's very similar to my '88 Specialized Rock Hopper. That's my Xtracyle now. I've been running fenders on it since about 1993. Right now I use Planet Bike MTB Cascadia fenders. They work great! Although you may have to bite the bullet and put on Canti brakes to have the clearance you need for fenders. It wouldn't cost very much. I saw a set of Tektro canti's for $9. They'd work as good as brakes costing three times that. Personally, I consider fenders a must have for commuting. I find it's much easier to motivate myself to head out in the rain when I have a commuting bike with fenders on it.