Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Little Humility

Well, this evening I participated in my first group ride in a rather long time. The fractured ribs and tendinitis kept me away for too long and tonight I paid the obvious price. Once we hit the open road I just could not keep the pace for any sustained distance. I guess a little humility is good for the soul.

My intention was not to hammer out a lot of hard miles. I just wanted to get out, be pushed, and not over do it. This was definitely accomplished, but just outside of St. Michael I made the decision to throw in the towel, turn around and head back on my own. I didn't want Bob and the others to have to stop and wait for me too much.

My knee held up well and it did feel really good to get the pace up to 22-23 mph even if I could only hold it there briefly.

"Five weeks," Bob uttered these words when I told him of my decision to turn around. He said I had five weeks to get ready for Cheq. It's going to be a long difficult five weeks if I expect myself to go into this race in any kind of shape and beat my time from last year. I made the comment to Matt the other night that I was not planning on missing this race and would walk my bike across the finish line if I had to. I just hope that they save at least one cold beer for me.


the old bag said...

They're not friends if they don't hold a cold one for you!

Vito said...

Thank you dear. That is just what I needed to hear.

They were pretty scarce last year. Maybe I just need to ride faster.
Hmmmmmm...there is some motivation there.