Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Waning Days of Summer

Well, another summer is rapidly drawing to close. Last Friday I went to school to help interview teaching candidates. We spent the morning interviewing then the next couple of hours was spent making decisions. Before leaving at about 2 in the afternoon I made the mistake of going up to my classroom. This action of course generally spells doom.

I must say however that I've done quite well this summer. Generally I'm in and out all summer long and this behavior used to cause others to joke about how I really spent my summers.
Monday I went to Wal-Mart and found gold! Spiral notebooks for 5 cents apiece and composition books for 50 cents. What teacher can turn deals like this down?

Anyway, the process has now begun. I'll probably being my seeing classroom for a couple hours each day until school officially begins. Yikes! I'm actually starting to get a little excited.


Ali B. said...

I had the teacher dream aka nightmare a few nights ago. It was 7am & I was ready to meet the first day of school when I suddenly realized I WAS NOT prepared - desks still piled, chairs stacked, no bulletin boards up, & NOTHING in the plans. I've had 2 more dreams since then... in one I was getting pulled over for a speeding ticket on the way to the first day! ugh.

Ahh yes.. the bargain supplies. I found some deals in the Target dollar bins last week. I'm jealous of your 5 cent notebooks! I need to go shopping, NOW. :)

Tex69 said...

Instead of hiring teachers, I'm on the committee to hire a new principal, one to replace a 17-year icon. It's the best school in the state, so the politics are rampant. Instead of thinking about notebooks and markers, I'm fending off the alumni association and the superintendent. So, just take a relaxing bike ride instead.