Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday Service at Murphy

Sunday morning found the gang attending services at Murphy Cathedral for some fun, but serious single track riding.
Madonna (not the famous one) and her friend Jackie joined us for the fun. Madonna is a die hard roadie, but I think that some day she may just snap out of it and come over to the dark side.

Gang signs? Here, I thought all along they were wholesome young ladies.
I'm not really sure what the hell that is they are doing with their fingers. Maybe they are Texas Longhorn fans just trying to kiss up to Lance.

Grasshopper himself even used the term "roadie" to describe himself this past year. Ahhhh the pain of it. You could call him the ringleader of our merry group of riders. "The Amigos"
Matt loves to dish it out if you know what I mean. His 5:45 Friday morning spin classes are generally a laugh fest filled with a litany of abuse usually directed at me or Madonna. Hell! Word has it that he picks on us when we are not even there. I told him yesterday that I'm really worried about what will happen on my first Friday back. I haven't been attending because it's summer. Who the hell rides a bike inside during the summer? Anyway, he told me he has been saving up for my first time back. It should be a joy.

Our ride yesterday was solid. Everyone enjoyed themselves and Madonna honed her mountain biking skills. She didn't even sneak off early for some damn road event. Kenny and I (the old timers) kept an eye on each other. I, for a change, didn't have any injury causing incidents to add to my list for the week, but I did choose a rather bad spot for a natural break and got busted by a couple of other riders which was somewhat embarrassing. Hey, they pee right on the side of the road in "The Tour". It was a good thing that Madonna or Jackie didn't come by. Bob on the other hand drew a bit of blood.
Afterwards I felt somewhat tired and drained from the past week, so when I got home I sat in the garage with some good tunes to relax, admire the bikes, and of course have a recovery drink.

After all, mountain biking can often times be a pain in the...

and the....


Madonna said...

I can see why you guys like MTB – if/when I get the skills I maybe more of a fat tire junkie.

The “gang symbol” is our hellion trademark – our motto: Most fun wins!

Last thing: Why the final pics? Sometimes something are better left unsaid or in your case unseen.

Vito said...

Thanks for the input:)

Madonna said...

Just giving you shit. :)

the old bag said...

Vito, it's rubber side DOWN!

Vito said...

I'm trying to get that whole concept down. Still in need of some practice I guess.

Madonna, are you trying to take Matt's place in the "Giving Shit" competition? If there was a gold medal he would win it.

Madonna said...

I know it's a long shot, but I thought I would give it a try since he hasn't chimed in yet...I didn't want to miss the moment.