Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Olympic Games

I've been following a great deal of the Olympic competition and have some thoughts I would like to share. Of course, the four or five of you that actually read this probably don't really give a rat's ass what I think.

I generally prefer the winter games over the summer games, but there are some things I enjoy about both. Anyway here is a brief look at some of the highs and lows of these games as I see them.

First lets start with the highs.

10,500 athletes representing 205 countries - All together for two weeks of peaceful competition. That's a wonderful thing.
Michael Phelps - Let's face it, the guy is a phenomenal athlete.
Michael Phelps' Diet - 12,000 Calories a day and still he carries less than 5% body fat
  • Breakfast: Three fried-egg sandwiches loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise. Two cups of coffee. One five-egg omelet. One bowl of grits. Three slices of French toast topped with powdered sugar. Three chocolate-chip pancakes.
  • Lunch: One pound of enriched pasta. Two large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayo on white bread. Energy drinks packing 1,000 calories.
  • Dinner: One pound of pasta. An entire pizza. More energy drinks
The Opening Ceremonies - Absolutely fantastic! How they could get all those people synchronized that way was unbelievable. Of course it is China and I guess they have their ways.
Women's Road Cycling - Tough course in pouring rain made for a great race
Jeannie Longo of France - 49 years old, seventh Olympics...Hands down best cyclist in the world "male or female" check out her palmares if you're in doubt. She was only 1.63 seconds from the bronze medal in the TT.
Kristin Armstrong - Gold medal in the Women's Time Trial
Badminton Rocks! - Very cool and fun to play. I played in a tournament at a friend's house over the weekend and we one the Championship of the Free World.
Mtn. Bike XC - It hasn't even been contested yet, but I know it will be better than the road stuff and end up in the highs anyway.

Now for the lows.

Medal Counts - The media people who thought that up should be fired. It's is not what the games are about. I don't care how many medals the USA, Russia, Trinidad-Tobago, or anyone else wins. The Olympic charter clearly states that these games are a competition between athletes not countries. So stop with the damn medal counts already! It's about athletes sacrificing and working their butts off for four or more years and then going out there and giving it their best.
Two Weeks! - Give me a break! If they keep adding sports it will be a month long.
Speaking of adding events...BMX??? - Enough is Enough! Besides, isn't that what the X Games are for?
Sports with subjective judging, degree of difficulty & artistic impression - They should all be removed from the games or the athletes are given one routine. All have to perform this exact same routine to perfection.
Track Athlete's Celebrations and Attitudes - Leave that crap to the professional football players. I hate it! What the hell ever happened to winning or losing with style and grace?
Michael Phelps - I know, I had him on the highs, but he also needs to go here. How many 30 minute interviews do they need to broadcast. Give it a rest!
Throwing Medals - I'm glad they sent the Armenian home in shame.
David Zabriski - disappointing all around Olympics for him, but I know he gave it his best. Accept in the road race where he sat back towards the end to save himself for the TT. Didn't quite work out.
U.S. Track Cycling Sucks! - Need I say more?
U.S. Distance Running also Sucks! - Need I say more?
Where is synchronized swimming? - I'm so looking forward it!
Synchronized Diving? - Thanks Fair Weather Kenny for putting me on this one. Who in the world thinks this stuff up?


Doug said...

Olympics are going on? Who knew? We turned off our TV last February and never turned it back on. (I should do a post about that.) I don't feel like I've missed out on anything. TV is just a big waste of time and turns peoples brain's to mush. I wouldn't even recognize Michael Phelps if I saw him.

As a kid I was always glued to the TV for the Winter Games. Never cared much for the summer games.

Vito said...

Well, that doesn't surprise me. You also got rid of your car :)

You rock Doug, but I still like the Discovery and History Channels.

As for Michael Phelps...he looks very much like myself. Tall, lean, very muscular. No wonder my wife thinks he's cute.

Doug said...

I guess it's a bit of a predictable pattern for me. I sound like an oddball. Oh well, gotta go with what I'm good at. I also find I would rather vacation alone in the woods somewhere than in Las Vegas where many of my co-workers flock too.

Madonna said...

I would like to add women’s marathon running. Do they need to show the entire race on Primetime?

Vito said...

Oh Doug, I am with you on the vacation thing. Vegas is no where on my radar.

As I get older however, I do like the San Diego and Phoenix areas. The deserts are beautiful and provide a marvelous selection of mtn. biking and hiking opportunities.

Ali B. said...

I've been catching some late evening Olympic action & feel you're right on target with the high/low summary - nicely done. I wasn't bored reading it at all. In fact, I read a couple of things that I now need to verify on my own!

By the way, I do believe NBC's Al & Matt did some synchonized swimming during the last Olympics, perhaps you could find some coverage on YouTube until the real deal? :)

I'm also more of a Winter Games fan & really rarely turn on my TV for the 3 stations it offers except for an occasional movie/news/Olympics... oh, and The Bachelor. hahahah