Friday, August 22, 2008

Power Laps - Part Deux

I hit the trails again today for further punishment, but all I could muster after yesterday's workout was three quick laps. I think I could have done more, but I'm not sure what benefit I would have gotten out of it.

It was another warm and humid day and I had already had a pretty busy schedule.
Walk the dog, dentist appt., school (I said I wasn't going today), mowed the lawn, did the trimming, tended to the flowers, then hit the trails. Weather today was again very warm and humid. I think it was the humidity more than anything that got to me. I hate humidity!
Ahhhh, autumn is just around the corner.

Anyway, I did the trails in a different direction and found that they were a bit faster in the clockwise direction. Now, this may sound stupid, but I wasn't sure what direction I should have been going as the trail signs really don't indicate. Apparently it's clockwise, at least according to our sage, Fair Weather Kenny.

After returning from the trails I sent him an email expressing my concerns about breaking the rules and having a collision with another cyclist going in the "right" direction. This scenario would definitely not bode well for Vito, because in my dream I was seriously hurt, and all the other person could do was scream and yell about what an idiot this bloody person (me) lying on the ground was. Kenny's response to my concern was something like..."For Christ sakes Bill! Do you lay awake at night and think this shit up?" If he only knew truth. So, I guess I'll be riding the Elm Creek trails in a clockwise direction from now on even though I did get a better workout going in the other. At least that's how my watch and my mind perceived it.

Spent the rest of the evening packing for the North Shore and dreaming about school and night rides in the park this fall. I need to save some money for a good light set.


grasshopper said...
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Madonna said...

Bill - Let me know when you go back to spin class on Friday's. We need to go as each other’s support.