Thursday, August 21, 2008

Power Laps

Well, today was somewhat of a test. My ultimate goal was to do 10 laps at Elm Creek. I ended up completing 7 before running out of gels and draining my bladder (Camelback bladder) of electrolyte replacement fluid. Besides my legs were kind of like burned toast after lap seven anyway. If my calculations are correct 7 laps = 30.45 miles. Lap times varied, but I think I averaged right around 24 minutes. Laps one and seven were slower due to warm up, pottie break, pictures, and just being tired (lap 7).

All in all I am pleased with the outcome. My legs feel pretty good today so I'll probably head out there again today for some leisurely trail cruising.

I experimented with tire pressure and found 30 to 32 psi to my liking. Smoother ride and better traction. Also played with gear selection and the lock out suspension fork which is very nice. The Rock Shox SID fork was one of my better upgrades. After yesterdays ride however, I've determined that I definitely need a more comfortable platform for my skinny, bony, ASS!
Not sure what, so any suggestions would be great. The Fizik "Gobe" looks comfortable, but I haven't seen one up close and personal. I also like some of the WTB saddles.


Ali B. said...

7 laps - congrats! I have been a complete slacker lately & don't have plans to fix that until Saturday! Saddles: I love, love my old broken down WTB for my geared bike. On the SS I have some old Haro piece, & love that too despite it's outdatedness. :) The one I REALLY dislike is on my cross bike - ugh! It had me crying last week.

So, that was perfectly helpful, right? :) What are you currently using?

Ali B. said...

OUCH! I made an apostrophe error on "it's outdatedness" ... won't happen again.

Vito said...

I wasn't grading your post.
I have a specialized saddle. I can't ride Cheq again with that saddle.

So WTB seems to get the vote. I have their cheaper saddles on my old 26" ss and on my 29er ss. and like the feel. I may go with one of their higher end saddles. 100+ $$ seems like a lot to spend for a saddle, but when one's tushy and comfort is involved it's probably worth the expense.