Monday, September 1, 2008

Blazzing Saddles

Riding Elm Creek can be a pain in the butt, literally! After Saturday's nine lap marathon I met up Grasshopper and Bob at the Elm Creek mountain bike trails. I has already been out riding some different routes for about 45 minutes when I encountered Bob on the trail. We headed back to the parking lot where Matt was waiting.

I had explained to them that I had been riding what they call the inner loop. They showed me another loop that they do which has more grassy, rolling hills. My legs were dead from the day before and I had a hard time keeping up with the two of them. So after one time around I was ready to head back to the car and go home. However, I'm easy and was quickly persuaded into continuing on despite telling them that all I would do is slow them down. So, despite my sore ass, (I lied Matt, it really was sore) I decided to forge on and do one more lap with the guys. Again I struggled to keep up, but it was a good thing to be out on the bike. It was a perfect morning for mountain biking.

When we arrived back at the intersection we started at I told them I was done. Of course, Matt asked, "How are you doing? Back OK? Knee? Elbow? Heart? Ass?" I told him all parts were well, but I did lie a bit about my "culetto". It was sore. Really, really sore!

When I got to the health club to shower I noticed what the problem was. I three inch long bruise that looked almost like a blood blister. You know, the kind you get when you pinch your finger or hand in something. I must say this really upset me and it is quite painful. I knew I should have gotten rid of that damn saddle before I did anymore long rides. Of course, forgetting to apply liberal amounts of "Butt Butter" before Saturday's marathon was a stupid error in judgement.

So today I'm going to REI to see what they have for saddles. I don't want another Specialized one. I'm also going to be getting another pair of Pearl Izumi bib shorts. They are pricey, "butt" I never have any issues when I ride with Pearl shorts.

It's the last day of summer and I should be out for a ride, but I seem to be having a somewhat lazy morning. I've looked over some things for school and will do more prep work later today after putting some stain down on the deck, and relaxing with a cold beer on the patio at GC Brewery. Right now however, I have a little dog giving me very sad eyes. I think she may want to go for a walk.

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grasshopper said...

I knew something had to be bugging you.
I have to admit each passing mile a bike with some flex would be nice.
Dos Niner here I come.
We rode for another couple of hours after you left, the horse trails would have killed your rear quarters!