Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Bella chasing geese on our morning walk

Stained the deck

Cleaned the garage

Enjoyed a couple of beers on the patio at Granite City Brewery

Now, I am thinking about the first day of school. Many things going through my mind so I hope that I will get a good nights sleep. I plan on being in my room by 6:15 tomorrow morning.


Ali B. said...

Whoa... 6:15. I'm going to go reset my alarm - you're talking EARLY! ... and making me anxious. :)

Fat Lad said...

That garage is freakily tidy compared to my batcave:

Fat Lad

Vito said...

I like the bat cave. It's all about character.

Be happy you're not anal retentive. It's not an easy life.