Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chequamegon....I'm Ready!

One week until Chequamegon and I'm feeling good and ready to ride. Considering all the physical difficulties I've had I'm sitting pretty good. Yesterday and today were two of the best consecutive days I've had on the mtn. bike. Close to six hours of riding and 60+ miles on the trails. It generally takes me a day to recover from a hard ride and I usually feel sluggish the next day. Today was not the case.

We really had a good time. The weather was cool, rainy, and the trails were rather greasy in many spots. I took it easy on the more tricky spots because I really don't want to do anything stupid between now and Saturday. We ended up doing hill repeats on a very nice size hill in the north end of the park. Grasshopper referred to it as "character building". Of course, Bob felt that he had to get one more repeat in, which in turn made me feel that I needed to get one more in. Matt happened to be chowing down a Powerbar when I decided to do the last one with Bob.
I couldn't believe him and Tom were actually going to sit that one out and wait for Bob.

My bike was a mess and I am concerned about the front brake rotor. It may be warped or just dirty, but when I apply the breaks it jumps all over the place.

After the ride
Tomorrow evening the Stumpjumper goes to the shop for a good once over before the race on Saturday. I don't trust myself to take care of everything, plus I don't have the time.

After a good cleaning
I've starting to plan my diet for this week and I'm also looking at what I will carry with me as far as nutritional supplements during the race. "The hay is in the barn!" As the farmer's would say. My feeling is that there isn't much I can do workout wise this week that will be of great benefit. Keep the legs fresh, get out on the road bike or the ss for a couple of easy rides. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and stretch.
Bike check list...
_check all bearings
_front shock
_tweak the shifting
_check the front brake rotor


Ali B. said...

OOooo... EXCITING! A race, A RACE! Best to you next weekend in THE race! I need to get back on my bike to be ready for ICEMAN. ugh. If I don't get back on my bike, do ya want my entry? :)

Vito said...

Oh my God....Don't even say that. I've had my eyes on that race since before Cheq. last year. It really looks like a blast!

I would love to do that someday, but the travel time would mean taking time off of work and of course you know what that means.

Shame on you for tempting me. Some day, some day.

Actually my dream race would be the Arrowhead 135. All I need is a Pugsley.